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We believe that a great accomplishment is impossible without great teamwork! It’s the core values, consistent work and individual excellence of our team that has brought us this far. At VMPL, the main reason of our posthumous success is the constant balance between the Guiding force and the working force.


Mr. Jayveer Singh Kachhawaha is the Founder and Managing Director of Vinayaka Microns (India) Pvt. Ltd (VMPL). With his father and grandfather owning their own independent businesses - His Grandfather Late Shree Damodar Lal Ji Kachhawaha into Marble Mining, construction and transportation and his father Shree Kishore Singh Ji Kachhawaha into agriculture, transportation, Hospitality and Electronic assembling - Jayveer inherited the spirit of doing something of his own.

Jayveer believes that his father is the person he learnt the basics of business from. In the year of 1999, he raised himself from his small village Sendra to the city of dreams- Mumbai. And as they say, the rest is history!

What began as a trading company in Mumbai has come to a gigantic factory in his hometown Beawar. Throughout this journey, his father was always there to extend his moral support. And Jayveer flourished along with his company; defining the term self-made man.

Jayveer Singh is the firm believer of two things after building this huge empire. First is the importance of practical experience over educational degree. After 18 years in the business, Jayveer Singh says, "I may not have the official degree of MBA or Engineering, but my long-spanned experience in field as well as thorough research from time to time has proved to be more than equivalent." Second aspect is Teamwork! Jayveer credits this ultimate milestone to his team; especially to his brothers Mr. Praveer Singh Kachhawaha and Mr. Sudarshan Singh Kachhawaha and some of the key people who have been there since the beginning. Most of the team has been together since a long time as a part of the entire learning process.

Jayveer Singh Kachhawaha the Founder and Managing Director of Vinayaka Microns (India) Pvt. Ltd ;a company handling exporter of quartz and filler


director of Vinayaka Microns (India) Pvt. Ltd for handling exporter of quartz and powder


Director - Factory Operations

Praveer joined VMPL in the year 2001. A silent and efficient go-getter, Praveer manages all the matters related to Govt Departments, mining, transportation, and day-to-day workings of the factory.

Jayveer holds him in high regards for supporting him 24 x 7 since the day he joined. Jayveer thinks that Praveer is not his right or left hand; but he’s the one who backs him no matter what the situation is.

director of Vinayaka Microns (India) Pvt. Ltd for handling of exporter


Director - Sales

Along with Praveer, Sudarshan also joined the company in the year 2001. Apart from the rich knowledge Sudarshan has on quality control and Domestic/ Export sales, he’s also good at pushing sales and follow-ups. His decision-making is impeccable. He’s a leader that bonds people together. Jayveer remarks that in his 15 years’ experience since he joined the company, he has transformed completely!

Director-sales for Vinayaka Microns (India) Pvt. Ltd to export quartz minerals


Export Manager

With a formal training in Export/Import, Robert Kerry is excelling at what he does since last 8 Years. He’s the head of Mumbai office branch.

Robert is a strategical planner, who works with great integrity. You can always count on him to handle critical jobs. Jayveer also acknowledges him as one of the four pillars of VMPL.


Raw Material Specialist

Pratap has been by the company’s side since the very beginning.

Although silent all the time, he’s known as the all-rounder in the factory premises. With the sheer integrity that he’s given his years to company, he’s like the fourth bother to Kachhawahas.


Production manager

Promod is there since 2011. Apart from his times, Promod has also given his experience and sincerity to VMPL. He’s a hard-worker, a quick-learner; and helps others with his experiences!


Factory Manager

Laxyapal joined VMPL in 2014. He maintains the entire factory system with unmatchable dexterity.


Plant Manager

Devendra Singh is with VMPL since 2010. He’s irreplaceable when it comes to plant operation.


Q/c Manager

Since 2014, Bhawani Shankar handles Quality Control in VMPL. His technical knowledge is unmatchable. He prefers to work in silence, but the dedication is endless.


Accounts Officer

Mr. Bhati may have joined VMPL in 2011 but he must know Jayveer the way no one else does! That’s because the two were batch-mates! Apart from being a long-term kind friend, Mr. Bhati has proved to be a hard-working team player in VMPL.

Of course, VMPL is proud to have many more diligent workers who are unnamed here; each of them is a sturdy brick that makes our fort robust as it is. We have numerous skilled workers by our side that, though not named here, deserve honourable mention. Be it the most humble worker at mining or the one at processing, all of them serve their purpose with unflagging spirit.